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Due to my conservative upbringing, I’m someone that tends to feel a little timid & shy when directly meeting any potential spouse the first time – So I found Muslimvivaah extremely helpful in this regard, as they help to break down that initial barrier. With a Muslimvivaah agent accompanying you at the first meeting, it makes you feel at ease and gives you the confidence to express yourself. Besides, the agent helps by asking all the delicate questions during the meeting (the agents are well versed and know what to say and what to ask), so it saves you from having to do all that. My experience so far with Muslimvivaah has been really positive. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is single and seeking a partner -they make life so easy for you. With the help of Muslimvivaah, I have recently matched with a potential partner who has a child, and I’m delighted so far with how things are progressing with her. With Muslimvivaah assisting me, it fills me with hope and confidence that I will get married soon, In Sha Allah

Rahul 00188


I am very grateful to Muslimvivaah, especially they are running this service, they have found me a very nice match and also I really like the way how they dealt with both families once again thanks a lot and Jazak Allah Khair.

Jewel 00300


I highly recommend Muslim Vivaah to anyone who is currently looking to get married Insha’Allah. They made me feel really comfortable during the meeting that I had, which were done in a very respectable manner. The advice given to me has been very helpful and they have always tried their best to meet my requirements.

Saadiya 00165


I would highly recommend Muslim Vivaah it is a Great agency for anyone looking for a Muslim potential partner. Very helpful and reliable matches are shown according to preferences. I am thankful to have Muslim Vivaah help me on this journey.

Maria 00275


Just want to thank Muslimvivaah for all your support in the search of looking for the perfect bride for my brother. You have always been responsive and at one point, I was loosing hope but eventually we found our perfect match for my brother. One important aspect of your service is that you are friendly, honest and supportive. Even when we, at one point we’re unsure about the bride, you gave your advise which was extremely reassuring for us as a family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and inshallah wish you more success as a service to build more relationships in marriage.

Nimra 00185


Thankyou to Muslimvivaah for matching my brother with the most beautiful bride in the world, maa shaa Allah. The service has been very relaxing. I would definitely recommend them for anyone who is on the search for their loved 1s. Thankyou once again.

Shahida – 00158
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We are one click away from finding you your perfect life partner in’sha’Allah”. Our intentions are to help you to fulfil half of your deen, with the will of Allah swt. We aim to support and guide you through your experience from the first initial meeting, to the day the marriage is fixed Insha’Allah. Our skilled staff, with their talent and expertise will offer a unique service and hand pick the best possible matches for you.
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